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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Those three little words have baffled many and continue to spawn hundreds of articles online about how to do it and what to do to get your website to figure prominently in search engines like Google and Bing.


So what is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? At its very basic level it is a way of ensuring that the likes of Google actually recognise your site exists which of course on it's own is no good if they only rank your website on page 5678.

Page ranking may not be that important to you if say your clients are likely to find your website in other ways. This could be because you are a local business and many of your customers live in the surrounding area so your business cards are scattered everywhere with your website address on, or you may have a very active Facebook page and many visitors may come through that.

It all depends on what market and business you are in.

There are people that seriously specialise in SEO and even they will tell you that the goal posts keep changing, what was accepted as a method to get your website a high ranking, has suddenly fallen from grace and a new criteria has become essential in the fight for the number one spot.

Having said all that there are a lot of things we can do to get you noticed and help you draw traffic from online searches.

If you are serious about SEO -  and not just the basics - we can put together a programme or make recommendations for your particular niche.



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Putting a mark on something to say it's yours or a masterpiece that is something you created is almost as old as time itself and why wouldn't you?

These days we are looking for something that becomes recognisable so that people associate the 'logo' or image as part of your identity.

At LiteBulb we will design you a logo to compliment your new website, of course if you don't like our design we can refer you to one of our associates that specialises in this field.

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What is Social Integration?

It can mean many things but essentially there are three types of integration.

1. You probably would want people visiting your website to be able to click through to your social media channels, whether thatssocial media lightbulb your Facebook page, G+, Pinterest, Twitter or all of them. Or any of the many other social media channels. You may update your Facebook Page or other social media and not your website, so this maybe important to you.

2. Do you want your website to have Facebook 'like' or 'share' buttons? Or other media sharing?

This can help with 'engagement' and help make your site interactive but it is not a given.

3. You may want your Facebook Page and updates to appear on the website itself thus integrating totally. This can mean less updating on your website.

There is no hard and fast rules with social media integration, generally most websites do have at least social media links. it really depends on the nature of what your business is and how quickly you update things and where you update.

At Litebulb we generally include the setting up of a Facebook Page as well as a Google Maps Business Listing and G+ if required.


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What is included in the basic website?

View our brochure which explains in detail what is and is not included in the design packages.

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