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Did you know that Facebook is aiming to take over from Google for local information on mobiles


Facebook has changed its algorithms which means that it is placing much more emphasis on what is in personal newsfeeds as opposed to business pages posts. To upstage google, Facebook have a new app called facebook Local and you can find out about it here

To reach new customers and advertise events to wider audiences businesses really need to use this to advertise and promote their products. 

Talking about your business

Can you do it yourself ... of course! We will be shortly posting a step by step guide for small businesses to take advantage of this fast growing  business booster. 

Facebook v Google



Many businesses are unaware that even though they post on their Facebook page, the posts don't go very far and  are often without engagement and do not attract a lot of new business.

One thing we do know though is that many small and medium size businesses do not have the skills or more importantly the time to do this effectively or consistently - this is where we come in. Only you know your advertising budget and how effective it is for your business. What if we said we can do it for you for a fraction of the cost of newspaper advertising and show you reports every month showing how successful the campaign had been? 






We offer every kind of social media campaign  from set up or managing and promoting your Facebook page to running competitions promoting your business or events on all forms of social media please ask if you are interested in any of these additional options for your business.