Facebook Campaigns

- where people recommend your business to their friends Most people running businesses know that Facebook can be a useful tool in that process but unless you have those skills yourself (and the time) or employ someone to manage your campaigns it can be daunting.

Talking about your business

Facebook is the one most are familiar with and with good reason. Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly users. Recently Facebook changed its algorithms, which means that whereas in the past business posts got equal priority in a persons news feed to those posts from friends and family, so that now the latter has much more priority. How do business owners harness this change? Embrace it!  How? 

Facebook check inOne of most popular products is a programme called 'Check Ins' for you. We set it all up for you, provide you with printable materials for table tops or reception areas - all you have to do is tell us the incentive you'd like us to use - ideas might be 10% off, a free coffee, free dessert or starter and so on - or even better give us a few so we can run different options for you.

Since one 'Facebook Check In' will be seen by all the friends of that person  - you can image the potential increase in footfall. In addition you get recommendations, a pin to your location and page. 


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We offer every kind of social media campaign  from set up or managing and promoting your Facebook page to running competitions promoting your business or events on all forms of social media please ask if you are interested in any of these additional options for your business.